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About Boldly Creative

Boldly Creative was founded by Danielle O’Shea, a Freelance Graphic Designer. Located in Yarrawonga of North East Victoria, they offer Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing services nation wide. 

Boldly Creative are all about creating designs that not only look great but serve a purpose. We measure our success by the accomplishments of our clients, which is why we challenge you and push boundaries. 

We are committed to gaining a thorough understanding of your business, your position in the marketplace and what drives your audience. This process gives us a clear direction that we continually refer back to and allows us to create solutions that your audience will trust and engage with. 

We believe in working smarter not harder, so to make your life easier and streamline your processes you can think of us as your one-stop-shop for all things design and marketing.

We offer branding, graphic design, website and digital, marketing and printing – which means we are across all the finer details of your business and things don’t get lost in communication. Click here to take a look at our full list of services or get in touch to discuss your projects.

Freelance Graphic Designer Danielle OShea from Yarrawonga


The founder of Boldly Creative, it’s Danielle’s passion for the design industry and her drive to help businesses create solutions that are visually inspired that brought her here. 

Born and raised along the Murray River in North East Victoria, in Yarrawonga. Danielle has been in the industry since the 2000’s when she completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at Swinburne University. 

Since then Danielle established her experience in design and branding at one of Melbourne’s most established studio’s, Cato Purnell Partners where she worked on brands at an international level. In 2012 Danielle made a tree change back to her country roots where she expanded her knowledge in the world of marketing and later returned to Graphic Design in a role at Dutch Media. 

It is Danielle’s passion for creativity and designing unique solutions that motivates and inspires her. Some other ways to describe her are meticulous, fun, professional and down to earth – which paints a picture of the type of service you will receive from Boldly Creative.